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Resolve questions before they become tickets

Customers or visitors can click on the chat button on your website to get instant answers. Using artificial intelligence, Asksavvy understands your customer’s questions and finds the right answer in your FAQs. By responding instantly, Savvy helps reduce tickets by up to 90%, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Convert more visitors to customers

Studies at the Baymard Institute reveal that 67% of website visitors leave before buying. Asksavvy can help convert more visitors with custom messages that can be triggered at any stage of the buying process. Messages can be set to trigger during checkout, based on device (e.g., if a customer is browsing on an iPhone), or on a specific day of the week.

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Resolve customer questions by e-mail

Asksavvy can automatically reply to questions received by e-mail. If the answer to that question is not found in your FAQs, a ticket is created. Agents can resolve tickets manually or request more information from customers. Resolved tickets can be automatically added to your FAQs with one click – never answer the same question twice.

Simplify management of FAQs

Asksavvy provides an easy way to manage all your FAQs with the ability to filter, search, or apply custom tags. Quickly edit or add new FAQs any time to keep your answers up to date with common product questions or changes in store policy.

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Easily set up and use

Import all your existing frequently asked questions (FAQs) from your website in one click. Quickly add the web chat button by uploading a setup file to your shopping cart. Before you know it, you’re ready to go!